Premium Features


No more sitting in a puddle! Our 100% water-proof insulated PVC laminated flooring is easy to set up and provides unparalleled protection from water, ice, wind, and snow to guarantee a dryer, warmer, more comfortable fishing experience.

  • 100% waterproof heavy duty PVC flooring (contains no stitching)
  • ¼ " of insulation for heat retention and protection from ice and water build up
  • Easy clean-up
  • Inside skirting with Velcro adhesion that provides great protection from wind and other elements
  • Heavy duty construction to withstand sub-zero temperatures
  • No need to support the outside skirt with piles of snow while floor is attached, eliminating ice buildup on the outside skirting
  • Each tent is equipped with a safe and simple floor fastening system that allows for easy transport across the ice without having to empty and disassemble the tent
  • Foldable PVC floor to facilitate easy use as a spearing shelter



Ever had a frame pole or hub break? Our hubs and frames are of the highest quality and come with a 100% lifetime guarantee

  • Rugged fiberglass poles can be bent 180˚ without splintering
  • Extra tough hubs are manufactured using all metal components for unmatched durability


Polar Bird’s premium insulated water-resistant shell consists of 2 layers of fabric and 1 layer of insulation. These high-quality materials combine the function and convenience of a portable style ice shelter with the warmth and comfort of a permanent style fish house.

  • 210D quilted fabric inside layer + 600D outside layer separated by 2 layers of additional insulation
  • State of the art ultrasonic thermo-stitching technology bonds the materials, as opposed to traditional perforated style stitching
  • No stitching attachments to the third outer layer allows for heat retention and draft elimination
  • 150gr/per square meter of padding polyester insulation
  • 4”x4” quilted insulation squares plus the floating 3 layer design traps air for additional insulation
  • Combination of dark and light colored materials allow allows for increased visibility without losing heat absorption from the sun 



Each premium Polar Bird ice shelter comes with 4 heavy duty steel screw-in ice anchors and guy lines to provide maximum stability even in the windiest conditions

  • Each ice anchor includes a plastic laminated handle for easy use
  • Attachment points available on each wall and outside skirt corners




  • The oversized "T Series” shelter bag is designed with cinching closure straps for easy carrying
  • Due to Polar Bird ice shelters lightweight design, the largest of the "T-Series” shelters still weighs less than 42 lbs.